Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Week ~SMH~

Whew, I barely made it through last week, but I did it and the scales show. I probably could have lost a bit more had I not gotten a little of track on Saturday and Sunday, but I decided that on Sundays, I would give myself a little slack (not a lot) but a little. That way I have a little treat to look forward to! That is, until the scale stops dropping. I lost almost 5 lbs.!!! GREAT! I would love to be under 200 lbs. by February. Like 199. That would be an accomplishment! I don't remember the last time the scale was under 200, it was some time ago. I am ready though.

I have been a bit discouraged about losing, for the sole purpose of what the heck am I going to do with all my clothes and buying new ones! When you don't really have a dime extra each month, it is going to make it a challenge. I better figure out a way to start saving now, cause that time IS going to come! I believe it, I am not going to let it be the reason I stop losing, we will figure it out!!!

I have realized so much this week about the importance of keeping track of calories. It has really helped me to see how much I am really eating, how much I overeat, and how much I really only need! I hope to keep on track with that. I don't always have the time, but I want to push myself to keeping on track with it. I exercised 4 days last week, and parked the car much farther than I normally do on my errand trips. I am trying to do things that are small that in the long run add to my calorie burn during the day. ~LIFESTYLE CHANGE~ something I can manage and continue, not being lazy, forcing myself to walk a little further than I sometimes want to.

I did have few rough moments during the week when I just wanted to binge on a sweet. I just wanted to taste the goodness of chocolate, cookies, etc...I did :( I didn't binge, but I tasted, and that was an accomplishment for me. I have to stop beating myself up when I make little mistakes and convince my mind of the good things I have done to change and focus there, rather than on what I did wrong. I do better at beating myself up at times than being an encourager to myself, but I am realizing that when I do encourage myself, I have more self control, more motivation, and more desire to make change. It really helps believe it or not!!! So, this week, I am going to focus more on no cheating...and more on positive thoughts about my accomplishments. I am going to focus more on the 6.6 lbs I want to lose by the end of the month than on the big picture of 50. 6.6 seems much more reasonable :)!!!

Sis, thanks for your encouragement. I am so glad we are doing this together. This journaling helps me so incredibly much. I feel like it is a public place so there is accountability, but I can let my hair and really share my thoughts, feelings, and crap because of the identity thing (for some reason I feel like I can bare all more). Anyways, thanks girl! I love ya and so glad we have something we get to do together even though we are miles apart!

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