Friday, January 9, 2009

I finally made it here! - SMM

Well, after a week of moving and craziness... I am sure my sister is wondering where I am! Well, I am here now! I am so proud of your progress this week. I love the idea of sharing this journey via blogging. It really has helped keep me on track this week. It matters! I dont want to slip or slide, because I know we are motivating each other. I know this is about our own personal journey, but I cant help but encourage you... it's who I am. So here is a little of that, then I'll share my story:
You are such an amazing rock of a woman! I know you have felt the pain of your weight all of your life, it has beat you down at times - but just so you know - you are beautiful to me! Especially as an adult, mother, woman, wife, sister - you have shown yourself as a woman of class and determination. I just love you so much and I wish you could see yourself thru my eyes! I am honored to walk thru this with you and I know we are going to beat this strong-hold in our lives! (Love you!)
As for me, in a nut shell... I have thought I was fat my entire life. Even when I was a size 6, I thought I was fat and ugly. It has been something that has messed with my marriage, my confidence, my energy, my self-talk - my entire life. That is what my goal is - to change that part of me. To realize that this is so much more than the weight of my body. It is in my mind. It is where the enemy traps and holds me. It is about addiction. It is about using a drug to comfort me, to releive stress, to celebrate with. I'm tired of the battle! It's time to have victory!
I started my Isagenix program in August. Lost a bunch of weight. Got off the program, due to vacation, laziness, the addiction, holidays.... gained a bunch back. I started on Monday the 5th and have done pretty well this week. The easier I make it for myself and the less I spend obsessing about food - the better I stay on track. My one downfall, is that I have been drinking alcohol more than normal. I have started unwinding with it, along with my husband, in the evenings. Not a good habit. I did not exercise this week, other than regular life. That is something I am ready to get on track with as well. Our bodies are not getting younger! The 30's are just an introduction to aches and pains of the later years. Time to do something about that!
I am so thankful for this support system between sisters! What a huge accountability to each other! So, the journey begins.... the path to victory... TOGETHER!

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