Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Here we come!

So, our journey to success begins. No more excuses. No more defeats. No more negative self talk. Here we go...Bring it on. We are ready! I want to say I think I am ready, but then that again plays at my negative self talk giving me a window out in case it gets rough. It will get rough. Overcoming weight issues is not easy, but I am willing to fight. Willing to fight to get healthy, to live a life not feeling insecure at every breathing moment because of the bulge and lack of confidence I have at times.

My sister and I are miles and miles apart. She is my best friend, my amazing sister, a wonderful auntie, and the list could go on. Her and I have always struggled with our weight. We like to eat especially when we are emotional. It brings comforts, ease into the stressful moments, a bit of joy when discouraged. It is not right, it is sin. We go to the comfort of food rather than our eternal source, the king of kings. He is what longs for our attention, our dependency on Him when life brings the storms and stresses.

So, my sister and I are on this journey together. This is a way for us to help each other out (we are so similar). A way to post our goals, weekly weigh ins, our struggles, when we want to run to food, we will run to Him first, to each other, and to this site to journal those feelings and often funny craving we can get... So I am starting this!

Let's do it!



GOAL: To lose 50 pounds by my 30th birthday in June!
and another 10-15 lbs by my 10 year anniversary!

2009 is going to be a good year. I am determined to get it off, to feel good about myself, have energy for my family, and live a long healthy life. I am going to change my lifestyle...not just lose the weight or diet. I would like to call it a lifestyle change journey rather than that dreaded word, "diet.' So, SMM I am waiting to hear yours...

Let's do it! WE CAN!!! I am so excited to do this journey with you.

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