Monday, January 12, 2009

Made it thru the weekend - SMM

Well, I made it thru the weekend. It helped a little, as Aunt Debbie and Vicki came to do a IsaGenix meeting. That was motivating!

I have stayed on track. Learned a few things: one of the biggest obstacles to losing weight is dehydration. The more water we give our bodies, the easier it is to flush it out and helps get the weight off.

I am frusterated with finances as well. For different reasons. I am on this program, which I love and could imagine being on- really for the rest of my life - but I can not afford to purchase it. It's discouraging. So, I may be counting calories soon as well. I just hate the obsession with food that it creates. I find myself thinking about food constantly... what I can and cant eat. I really am a lazy person, dont want to have to think about it. Maybe that is the point.... but once we memorize what a realistic portion is, maybe it will help.

I know I eat more when I am stressed. But I have also realized a habit involved. It's a routine in our marriage. It's not necessarily bad, but it's hard to break. Every night when the kids go to bed, with out fail, my husband and I sit together on the couch and watch tv or a movie. Sometimes we snack, sometimes I have a glass of wine or two, sometimes we do both. I cuddle up next to him and fall asleep before the movie is over. He wakes me up and we go to bed. It may sound redundant, but I must find a lot of pleasure in it, because I can not seem to break that cycle. It is so relaxing to me. Maybe if I had some veggies cut up or something like that to snack on.... just thinking.

My goals for this week are to add in some exercise, and make a healthy grocery list & stick to it.

My weight loss goals, I am not sure of yet. My mind has definately changed some in the last few months. I am what I am - and I am more ok with that than I have ever been. I'd like to be a size 10. I am comfortable there. I dont know what that weight will be. The bigger goal is to maintain it - I am learning that for me, that is the toughest challenge of all. I absolutely despise this yo-yo.

Keep up the good work sis! I am so motivated by your courage, strength, and knowing that you are over there - doing this - the work that it must entail without the modern conveniences we have here. Keep it up & don't worry - the clothes will come one way or another!

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