Friday, June 5, 2009

I am doing it!

Well, I have been consistent again for a month and it is slowly but surely paying off! I went up and down for so long and it is nice to be seeing the scale going down again! I am down to 196.2 as of today and on track to keep losing. I have been working out. I do workout videos in home and do some jogging and walking outside. I am trying hard and pushing through and honestly since I have been exercising my mind feels better than it has in quite a long time. It is refreshing, yet hard doing it the old fashioned way, but that is the only choice I have and I feel that in the process it is teaching me so much and forcing me to learn to make good choices. There are still times when I want to give up and throw in the towel, but it is my goal to be at around 155 by Dec. 1st and if I keep up what I am doing, either way, I will be a success. It feel so good to be taking care of myself finally and trying to lose weight.