Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 5

Yesterday went a little better.  Not AS tempted by the foods and smells around me.  I found myself going to the bathroom a lot ;-) which is good, that means I am cleansing.  It's working.  But it isn't very fun if you are running errands and a bathroom isn't very close!  Hahaha!  I had a head ache toward the later end of the day and found that I had to drink a lot more yesterday to feel full at all.  I was surprisingly very hungry at times.  You'd think by day 5 my system would be a little more used to it, but sadly it isn't.  I still want to eat, I am still craving crap.   Mainly just the way it feels in my mouth for my taste buds.  I don't feel the NEED to eat it, just wanting it.  Praying that would change by the end of this.  It would be so sad to go through all of this just to go back to the way I was eating prior.  I also found that I got dizzy a couple of times, which again, meant I needed to drink more of my drink.  So, that's about it.  Oh, and yea, I was pretty grumpy.  That's never fun.  Especially for the little ones in my life. 

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