Monday, February 2, 2009

A prayer. ~SMH~

OK. Last week was good, NOT! I was sick with sick kids all week and still fighting it. My chest is so congested, it sucks. I didn't work out once last week, but fortunately, I didn't GAIN any weight and for that I am thankful. I guess being sick will do that to you a little. So, it is a new month. I will be under 200 by the end of this month! I would actually like to work really hard to lose another 10 pounds, that would take me to 193. It would be a miracle to actually be less than that, but I want to keep a doable range that I can maintain. So, yep sis, the comp is on!!! You're right, I tend to like it a little more than you :) . But, I believe you can lose the 10 too. I need to take my measurements. I took them Jan. 1st, I would like to see if those have changed at all.

My obstacles this week are now I am dealing with kids who are sick and need to figure out how to get some workouts in and eat healthy. It's rainy so I don't dare take the kids out with me to the market place, I may have to depend on the hubby a little more this week. But, I am determined to continue losing.

This battle sis, that we are on may entail many "start overs," but the goal is that we learn to live a healthy life in the long run of it all. That we set goals and learn the importance and the significance of accomplishing them. To not be quitters. To gain a self worth that says "accomplishing our goals is worth it." To take pride in our accomplishments and be ok with seeing them through and learn that it feels so good and so worth it to finish things we start and set out to do. The feeling that we gain from accomplishing a task, is worth it. It says, "We did it. We can do it. We are not failures. We are not weak. We are strong. He is good."

So, here's to a new month for the both of us! CHEERS! Here's to a month of not quitting when the going gets rough and the stressors hit at full speed. When the walls of life crumble around us, we will not turn to the comforts of food, but to the comforts that the Lord can provide, to friendship, to exercise, to each other.

"Lord, help us to be successful this month. Not to gain an ego, but to gain the joys of feeling accomplished at something. Burn steadfast in our hearts and in our minds. Help us win the battle that gets us down, knocks us back on our butts time and time again. Help us to put our feet down and firmly say-NO MORE-. We are tired from this rat race, this yo-yo of losing, gaining, and a depleting self image. We are beautifully made in your image and we are more than conquerors because of the work you have done inside of us. Help us to turn to you in our stress, our loneliness, our boredom, anxiety, whatever it is. Let us praise you for all things, for you long to glorify yourself in our weakness and we long to bless you in the process. Help us today. This month. Give us a fight in our spirit that stands against the thing that gets us down time and time again-our weight. Help us to live healthy lives and to mold healthy behaviors for our children. We need your grace. Whisper in our ears when we need reminders, be near to us in our hearts and minds this month. Help us to accomplish the goals set before us. In your name. AMEN"

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