Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quinoa Challenge

I have been reading this blog called Peak313Fitness.  It seems to be good timing that I clicked on it this morning. I met with a friend yesterday and talked about the discouraged feelings I had because I have kind of hit a wall.  I did this trying to get under 200 lbs.  It seemed to take me forever to break that barrier when I had tried.  I did it, but I really had to change things up a bit.  Now, I am having a really hard time getting out of the 180's.  Another wall. UGH.  But I was talking to her about feeling like I needed to change things up again  and do something different, but I wasn't sure what it was.  She gave me some great ideas, and then I  clicked on Peak313Fitness this morning and feel like I got another great idea from Clare. 

This week she is challenging her readers to start the day off eating Quinoa.  I have been looking for ways to change up what I am doing because I have not lost much weight in weeks and have seemed to hit a plateau.  I really like this idea.  It's packed with protein and good stuff for you.  Hopefully it will be filling and help me get my day off to a full great start.  I like learning new ideas.  I need to mix things up a bit and hopefully this will help.  Click on the link above to get a better idea and more details to the benefits of Quinoa!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting the blog! Kudos to you for getting back on it. Your hard work and self discipline will pay off-not just in your physical life, but other areas!

    Regarding the button, you should technically be able to copy and paste the html code that is listed at the bottom of my blog post, HOWEVER I don't think it's working right. I'm not exactly sure where you would post it on the blogger section. (I use wordpress) I have the basic peak313 button too (on my "contact" page) if you want to post that. I think it works! LOL

    Thanks again and I look forward to talking to you some more. Hang in there!